Apartment Decorating Ideas – Small on Space, Big on Style

In need of apartment decorating ideas? Then we’ve got a few good ones for you…

apartment decorating ideas

But first, what’s the common complaint when it comes to apartment decorating?

The answer is typically not enough space or storage room.

Most apartment complexes are built to get the maximum number of rental units possible.

This results in less available storage and smaller rooms than an average single-family home. So when it comes to apartment decorating, every inch counts. To maximize space one good apartment decorating idea worth mention is do not purchase over-sized, over-stuffed furniture.

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One great apartment decorating idea is to combine two types of furnishings into one. For example utilize a bed with drawers underneath or a coffee table with hidden storage. Look for pieces that are more vertical and take up less floor space.

Instead of a wide, lower entertainment center, purchase one that has less width, but extends from floor to ceiling. Look for dining tables that are smaller in diameter or width. Having an extra “leaf” or a “drop-leaf” table can make extra space for dining when you have dinner guests.

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Need a home office and a spare bedroom for overnight guests? If you only have two bedrooms, that can be difficult. Another great apartment decorating idea is to make a dual-use space. Use a fold-out futon or a sofa bed accompanied by an armoire that doubles as a desk by day.

Leave the lower drawers of the armoire for a guest to store their clothing. For an end table, use a fine wood finished two-drawer filing cabinet. Placement of a decorative lamp on the top will add to the look and provide extra lighting. A tall, narrow bookshelf or wall shelving can afford additional space for books and statuary.

Consider another apartment decorating idea. Make optimum use of dead space. Dead spaces are those areas that often have nothing in them.

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Add linen storage by installing an over commode shelving unit. Another apartment decorating idea is to maximum closet space with organizers that hang shirts and blouses above slacks and skirts.

You can utilize counter and cabinet organizers in the kitchen. Several manufacturers produce “under bed” storage containers, which are great for storing seasonal clothing. These are a great way to increase your storage space with a minimum of expense.

Another method of making an apartment look more spacious is by sticking with a paler palette. Darker colors will make the walls appear to “close-in”. Use darker colors as accents and keeping to paler tones on the walls and flooring. When choosing wall paper, stay with light colors and small, repetitive patterns.

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Large prints in a very small room will make for a confining overall feel. Be cautious if you are planning to use border paper or trim. If the border is extremely wide and dark, or contains a large print, it could also make the room “shrink”.

Mirrors, when strategically placed, can also create a visual effect of a larger room. Place large, wide mirrors on the two walls facing the shortest room width. The “mirror-to-mirror” placement will seem to have lengthened the room. Above all, remember that the best apartment decorating ideas are the ones you employ to create a warm, welcoming and spacious environment.