Areas to Take Into Consideration When Designing a Kitchen

When designing a kitchen, there are several different areas you will need to take into account before you begin construction.  For example, you need to know what kind of cupboards you would like in your kitchen.

Unfortunately, it’s simply not possible for you to construct a kitchen without planning each and every, no matter how small part of your kitchen first.  Failure to plan absolutely everything will no doubt ultimately lead to failure at one point during the construction of your kitchen.  Below I have listed then explained each of the most important specifics of the kitchen you will need to design.


countertops of your kitchenThe countertops of your kitchen are the largest contributor to the overall look of a kitchen in my opinion.  It is essential that the counter tops match the rest of your kitchen, as if they look out of place and do not blend in well with the other components of your kitchen, it can ruin the overall look.  In general, you do not want the countertops to contrast the overall look of your kitchen too much.  It’s good to have them a color which is only slightly different from the rest of the kitchen.


cupboards kitchenIf you want your kitchen to have a lot of storage, yet be spacious at the same time, the correct placement of cupboards is essential.  Let’s face it – every kitchen has cupboards, and you are going to be using them a lot in most cases.  You must always make sure that your cupboards do not block any other items or components of your kitchen, as this is a common mistake made by people who design their own kitchen.  Furthermore, the coloring of the cupboards is also essential to get right, as after all the cupboards do take over the overall look of your kitchen.


kitchen lightingAlthough the lights in a kitchen may not seem like such as important area, it most certainly is.  Actually, in my opinion the lights in a kitchen can ‘make or break’ the overall look of a kitchen.  Why?  Because good lighting will overall lead to the other components such as the cupboards and counters being ‘grimed’.  This overall means that they look much more appealing to the eye, and make the kitchen seem like a much friendlier place.  Furthermore, you will also need to look into the colors of the lights which will work best.  The standard white light may not always work well in all kitchens.  Lastly, you need to pick between spot lights, and normal light shades.  In my opinion spot lights mostly always work much better in designing a kitchen.

Location of Essential Tools

Fridges, sinks, cookers etc. must always be placed in the right area.  In general, it’s standard for sinks to be places in front of a window.  This is because it makes cleaning much more pleasant, it’s said.  Furthermore, you should always have your cooker and your fridge close by, as you are probably going to be going in and out of the fridge to put things in the cooker.  Overall it’s up to you where you put these tools, however it can be very important in some cases.

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