Bathroom Decorating Ideas – Beautifying the Forgotten Room

In need of bathroom decorating ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

bathroom decorating ideas

When talking about decorating or redecorating their homes, the most forgotten room is the bathroom.

The bathroom is the one room that will get more traffic and be used by everyone in the household every single day.

Even guests, upon arrival at your home, will often place an initial inquiry into the use of your bathroom.

Dismissing the opportunity to incorporate master bathroom decorating ideas seems nonsensical considering the high volume of use the room gets.

Because the lavatory is used by many different people, there is more flexibility in selecting a bathroom decorating theme than someone’s bedroom, office, den or sitting room. Typically, unless it is a private bath, you need not consider an individual’s personality or preferences.

In developing your decorating plan for a communal bathroom, consider first the room’s size and the decorating theme of adjacent rooms.

Bathroom sizes range from that of a closet to a gallery. Your bathroom decorating approach must work within the space available. When selecting your color palette, bear in mind that deep, dark colorations will make a small room appear even tighter.

large bathroom

In contrast, a large bathroom that appears stark or sparsely decorated can project a cool, barren environment. When selecting your bathroom decorating theme, choose neutrals or cooler light colors for extremely small rooms.

Add warmth to a large bathroom with warmer tones and accenting neutrals. If you are building your new home, selection of tile, finishes, and fixtures in neutral colors will afford more decorating flexibility for future makeovers.

In a smaller bathroom, with the limited spatial difficulties, increasing storage space may be a consideration in your decorating. Adding a wall mounted cabinet over the commode in a color that blends with the wall will add storage without decreasing the room’s size.

In a large bathroom with a vast amount of “dead space”, adding a free-standing closet or shelving unit could provide additional storage while minimizing the excess floor space. In a modern bathroom decorating theme, a glass and stainless unit would work.

If English garden is more your speed, try a small antique armoire with a light stained finish. Perhaps your decorating could include an antique hamper for dirty laundry. The idea is to make a vast room appear cozy and small, tight rooms appear less claustrophobic.

When it comes to, almost anything goes for a decorating theme. You want to take into consideration the decor of an adjacent room.

The decorating plan for your bath does not have to be the same as the adjacent area but should complement it. Your selections for decorating the lavatory should not shock the person entering the room. The transition should blend well.

Select any theme for your decorating, from seashells to animals, flowers, cityscapes, whatever you desire. Blend your palette selection based on room size and the adjacent room.

Accessorize with articles that are appropriate for space and decorating theme. Be creative with your bathroom decor ideas on a budget since it is the one room in your home that everyone will visit!