Candle Decorating Ideas: Decorating with Floating Candles and Unscented Floating Candles

Candle Decorating Ideas – Lighting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of adding an enchanting look and feel to an outdoor (or indoor) space.  Unscented floating candles are perfect for illuminating the night and creating a distinctive and special mood.

Floating Unscented Candles as a Table Centerpiece:

Floating Unscented Candles as a Table CenterpieceFloating unscented candles make the perfect table centerpiece and they’re very easy to assemble.  Place them in a clear glass bowl or vase for a beautiful

Eye catching effect in the glass bowl, you can add stones, crystals, or shells, to enhance the effect. Simply keeping the candles floating in the water looks beautiful as well.  Placing the bowl on a mirror is another way to enhance the visual appeal. Unscented floating candles typically last up to 8 to 9 hours when burning outside with no wind. Floating Unscented Candles as Wedding Centerpieces:

Floating candles are especially popular for weddings and look beautiful on bridal tables and gift tables.  Purchase enough glass containers for each table, or place two or three on a table if they’re longer.  Glass containers can be found at local craft stores.  Silk flowers look beautiful submerged in water with candles floating on top. Oftentimes, water looks more beautiful when colored. Decorate the Candle inside or outside of the container with ribbon, glitter, roses, or beads. If you choose to show flowers inside the glass container, scatter petals across the table for a romantic look. Glass containers also look beautiful when wrapped in tulle.  Use your creativity to create a unique centerpiece with unscented floating candles.

Floating Unscented Candles in a Pool:

Floating Unscented Candle in a PoolFor parties in the early spring, your pool may be too cold for swimming but will look beautiful decorated with floating unscented candles.  Before placing candles in your pool, first shut off the filter and turn off any waterfalls or running water candles will go out if they drift under. Floating unscented candles illuminated at night create a beautiful setting for your pool party or special night. Lighting Your Patio or Porch with Floating Unscented Candles:

For a casual yet beautiful lighting effect, purchase oversize shells for a beach atmosphere.  Arrange shells on a tray or bed of sand so they’ll stay put, then add a floating candle to each and enjoy the flickering lights.

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