Cheap Decorating Ideas – Decorating Splash with Minimal Cash

In need of cheap decorating ideas? Well, you first you should know that achieving a look doesn’t have to cost lots of money.

cheap decorating ideas for homeYou can bring creative decorating ideas to life without a major bite to your bank account.

Often it’s the little embellishments that will make your decorating scheme stand out.

For instance, let’s suppose you are looking for a modern, art deco feel for your bedroom in black and charcoal hues, with fire engine red accents.

If you had an unlimited cash supply, there are a lot of furniture options in acrylic, stainless steel, mirrors, and glass. However, we will employ cheap decorating ideas and achieve the same austere mood.

Start your decorating plan with a plain, inexpensive bed frame to support your box spring and mattress. With a box of charcoal fabric dye (at a cost of approximately $1.68 in the large discount supercenters) an old set of cotton sheets become new once more.

In the washing machine, just remember to set the dye by developing with a hot wash followed by rinsing with cold water. While you’re at the discount merchant, look for a low-cost black comforter.

You can always expand your decorating dexterity by recycling an old comforter with fabric paint and dye, as well.

Instead of purchasing a headboard, utilize foam core poster board cut in large geometric shapes. Use squares, triangles circles, rectangles, ovals and whatever another shape you can come up with. Paint some black, some charcoal and one or two in your red accent color.

Mount them to a painted white wall above the bed with heavy-duty two-sided foam tape, stacking, layering and alternating shapes and colors. Your cheap decorating result looks like an expensive modern art headboard for just a few dollars.

Another cheap decorating tips are for ultra-modern accent pillows. At any discount retailer, head over to the outdoor pool section and grab one of those “pool noodles” flotation devices for less than five dollars.

cheap decorating tips

At the same time, purchase one yard of bright red cotton fabric and three yards of black drapery cord. The “pool noodle” has a hollow core to run the cord through.

Cover the noodle with the fabric and then tie it into a circle, or a figure eight or any shape you’d like. Viola, an accent pillow in your accent color for much less than a designer version.

Black enamel paint will transform old bureaus into something new. A little wood putty to file in carved of etched panels will achieve a more modern line. Paint can be a great money-saving decorating tool when compared to the cost of new furniture and accessories.

Spray paint the base of the old bedroom jar lamp, use spray paint in your accent color for the lampshade. While you’re at it, you can spray color over old picture frames, trash receptacles, and storage boxes.

When decorating on a tight budget, spray paint can be a means for keeping your cash in your wallet will let you express your decorating sense of style.

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