Fabulous Kitchen Design Ideas for your Home Renovation

Occasionally it’s fun to look fabulous kitchen, I am your guide today, as I show you the very cool New York kitchen.

fabulous kitchen

One thing you should know about New York City Apartments – they are watching is the sport itself – New Yorkers love to see some other houses to get a design and (especially) storage ideas to try to maximize every inch of this part small spaces.

That said, fabulous kitchen design is larger than the normal kitchen, the apartment in New York. I could not wait to see it!

fabulous kitchen design

The apartment is warm, is modern, is sharp and is very beautiful. But more than that, it is clearly a personal aesthetic, is defined by its owner – and this is the real secret weapon for success Kitchen Renovation: express yourself!

The kitchen has a fantastic energy. Some of the energy that you feel beautiful windows, which overlook the bustling city.

The devices are all Electrolux Icon.

By exploiting the ceiling above the center of the kitchen becomes the focal point of the kitchen. One of my favorite design elements to create a bell wall material, in this case, the subway tiles what else! The range is a perfect fit.

The use of open shelves is a useful and visually interesting. It also opens the fabulous kitchen design ideas.

fabulous kitchen design ideas

The island is rugged (and rustic), furniture, perfect for doubling the countertop workspace. It works at the collection site and to ensure that guests are safely out of the chef traffic.

The refrigerator I was really impressed! I liked it! Talk about totally hidden from the monolithic device otherwise, this refrigerator is completely hidden and unobtrusive. Do not you love a blackboard?

If you look at the wall right at the first photo above (and do not miss this cool speed oven built right image) can be seen that the whole wall has been built to the equipment and design of construction furniture.

“New York”, the theme is evident in the creative use of tile, a subtle light industry, but we can not deny that there is an abundant heat in the kitchen. The owner of the pot is a classic New York storage solution, and just look at the pots they are beautiful!

And finally, some advice entertainment Bronson:

Even in the best case, the simplest themes best themes. During holidays, people have enough on their plates without having to worry about costumes. Save your masquerade Renaissance for a month off.

You can never have too many candles. Nothing kills the atmosphere than the harsh overhead lighting. Colored votives to quickly add color and brilliance.

Homestyle accents add a personal touch to any celebration. When winter comes, I like to do something seasonal like eggnog recipe from my grandmother – she has enough bourbon in it something to that!