Home Office Designs

The home office is increasing in prevalence as more and more people do a majority of their work from home. Home office designs that reflect functionality and are attractive at the same time will help you to get the most out of your time spent in the home office – and give you a lovely place to work and do your business.

Identifying Your Needs

Before you look for home office designs, you should first identify the needs that you will have for your home office. What will occur in this space that you have designated for a home office? Will you be the only user of the office, or will your children or significant other be using the office for homework, playing videos, or watching television. Many home offices also double as a guest bedroom or sewing/crafts room. Identifying the needs that you have for your home office will allow you to make the most use of your space and also give you an idea of how much you will need to spend to make your home office a reality.

Home Office Infrastructure

Home Office InfrastructureOnce you have determined the uses that you will have for your home office, you will need to make sure that the infrastructure of the home office is already in place or that you make arrangements for it. The basic infrastructure that you will need for your home office is conduit material that nearly disguises any computer wiring or power cords, an abundance of electrical outlets and telephone jacks, power surge protectors for your office and computer equipment, and cords that are long enough to connect your computer and its different accessories in your new office space. Your home office design space needn’t be that big in order to be adequate, but should be big enough to accommodate your desk and chair and give you room to “roll” around if you need to.

Home Office Design Focal Point

Home Office Design Focal PointJust as with any other room in the home, your home office should be pleasantly decorated – which means that you’ll need to identify a focal point in the room and build from that focal point to make the rest of the room have a tailored and neat appearance. Choose a fireplace (if you are so lucky as to have one), a statue or picture, a beautiful window with a great view – whatever your space allows, and work from that focal point. In many home office designs, especially for smaller offices with limited space, the focal point may be a beautiful desk or table. Whatever you choose for your focal point, make sure that it’s eye-catching but not too overbearing.

Arranging Your Home Office Design

There are limitless possibilities with how to arrange your home office. Many people choose the L-shaped home office design which features allows for everything to be along two walls for easy access. If your space doubles as a guest room, you might want to choose furniture that looks less like office furniture and more like bedroom furniture (and the market is full of options). Functionality is extremely important for those who work from home, so making your home office functional is your utmost concern. Besides your computer and printer, you might also want your telephone and fax machine nearby. Purchase a comfortable office chair – those with high backs or executive chairs are a bit more expensive but will certainly pay off with years of comfort in the long run. Make sure you have adequate lighting – a nice desk lamp will help. You may also need shelving – a great option is to choose book shelves of the same finish as your desk or other furniture in the room. Throw in some beautiful artwork or family mementos and you have the perfect home office design!