Need Paris apartment style decorating ideas? Check This Out !!

Need Paris apartment style decorating ideas? We understand. Paris is the fashion center of the world and one of the Paris Apartment Style Decorating romantic places in existence.

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The apartments of Paris are no different. Decorated with a flair for fashion and with old world romantic touches, the decorating style of a Paris apartment is easy to reproduce in an apartment.

Think ‘Paris’ to Get Your Creativity Working

Get in the mindset of the Paris Apartment. The grand old buildings that house Parisian apartments with the unique wrought iron balconies overlooking the River Seine are a quintessential Parisian image to draw on when decorating in the Parisian style.

paris apartment luxuryThe rooms are rich with architectural details and hold a multitude of decorating styles. Modern Parisian apartments are an eclectic blend of art deco, baroque, Mediterranean, rococo, old world, neoclassical and cabaret decorating elements. These elements are an important part of Paris apartment style decorating.

Bold and Beautiful Colors and Textures

When it comes to Paris apartment style decorating, Paris apartments rely on a color palette of jewel tones. Royal blue, crimson and emerald green are popular color choices. When accenting, gold, black and white is crucial. The texture is another decorating element that is used in an eclectic manner in the Parisian apartment.

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Typical furniture for Paris apartment style decorating should have a vintage look or appear beautiful in spite of their wear. Armoires are painted in warm creams and are accented with delicate gold which contrasts deeply with the rich texture of carved wood stained dark with time. Fabrics are rich as well, with thick velvets, opulent brocades, and soft silk being used extensively throughout a Parisian apartment.

Symbols of French Culture

It is important to remember to include symbols of French culture when decorating an apartment in the style of Paris. The most famous of all French symbols is the fleurs de lis. A unifying symbol throughout French history, it can be used throughout a living space to bring a touch of France to a home.

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Stenciled on the walls, woven into brocade or stamped into terra cotta, the fleur de lis is a must for Paris apartment style decorating. Other popular symbols include toile, chateaux, roosters, pastoral scenes, Monet painting, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Try to include these when decorating in the style of the Paris Apartment.

Rules of Paris Apartment Style Decorating

  1. Use black as an accent color. It can serve to unify the rooms throughout an apartment. Add accents with picture frames, lampshades and nick knacks.
  2. Paris is full of famous landmarks. Bring a bit of Paris into an apartment by using oversize prints of famous Parisian scenes. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, and the River Seine are renowned and can bring a touch of Paris living space.
  3. A quintessential decorating element in all French décor is clocked. A large clock can be the starting off point for an apartment decorated in the style of the Paris apartment. Finding a clock with French lettering and worn with time can be an elegant addition to space.
  4. Think shabby chic when Paris apartment style decorating. All decorating elements should look time-worn, but they should look more beautiful because of it. Avoid elements that look shabby and strive for those that look chic.
  5. Wall sconces make excellent light fixtures in a Paris Apartment. Other typical Parisian lighting fixtures include crystal chandeliers and table lamps with fringed lampshades.
  6. Round side tables with several table skirts will provide table space and a Parisian flair. For even more flair, an oversized ottoman upholstered in a decadent fabric makes an ideal coffee table.
  7. For drapery and linens, fringes, tassels, cording and other details are a must. Keep texture in the forefront for both of theses items and consider using weathered leather, textured linen, strips and paisley to create a unique Parisian flair.
  8. Using wood furniture throughout is another important element of Paris apartment style decorating. In the Paris apartment, painted, gilded, stained or aged wooden furniture elements are common. Consider using an aging technique or crackling on warm ivory furniture to create a weathered look and texture.
  9. No Parisian apartment is complete without a gorgeous vanity in the bedroom. Dress a simple vanity up with rich fabric and mirrors and add vintage perfume bottles and a silver brush set for added elegance.
  10. Weathered oriental carpets should be used over dark hardwood flooring. Jewel tone colors, weathered with age, and a unifying pattern should be used throughout.
  11. Elements such as mirrors, clocks, garden statuary, throws, flowers, candelabra, porcelain figurines and delicate china can be added for additional flair and a sense of personal style.

It is easy to bring the fashion and romance to an apartment by using style elements, textures, and colors reminiscent of a Paris apartment. The rich textures, jewel colors and vintage look of Paris are easy decorating elements that anyone can use in their living space when decorating an apartment Parisian style.