The Simple Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the floor; to most the prospect sounds like a chore, a necessary but dull part of modern living. However, for the lazy amongst us, there are ways to work smart rather than work hard. Here are some floor cleaning tips to save your precious time for more important pursuits, such as TV and beer.


Carpet Floor Cleaning TipsLet’s start with the carpets. A dirty/messy carpet is the clearest indicator that the place needs a good clean. Carpets- lovely, warm and soft on your feet? Maybe when they’re not laden with crumbs and spills. As great as carpets can be, they are also the most susceptible to staining and holding onto grime. If the offending material has just been dropped on your clean & beautiful cream carpet then speed is of the essence. Quickly blot the affected area making sure not to rub the stain in. For older minor stains then you will need to use carpet cleaners- the foaming types are good as they physically lift the materials out of the fibers to a certain extent. For extensively soiled/ old stained carpets then think about hiring a steam cleaner to refresh your carpets- you’ll be surprised at what the original color of your carpets really is! Oh and one more thing if you didn’t already know- use white wine on a red wine stain, it really does work! Also salt- it helps to soak up any offending liquids quickly. The power of osmosis!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Floor Cleaning Tips

Laminate flooring is a whole different kettle of fish to carpets. The best maintenance is frequent sweeping to prevent any buildup of dust or grit. If a vacuum cleaner is more your cup of tea then make sure you attach a hardwood attachment to prevent any damage to your flooring. Laminate flooring doesn’t like too much water so be extra vigilant if you have to use water. Use a flat mop and wring it out as much as humanly possible- you want to give the laminate floor a damp wipe rather than a wet one- in order to prevent any potential damage.

Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring Cleaning TipsBefore thinking about the cleaning and maintenance of stone flooring it is best to start with considering sealing your stone floor. Unsealed stone flooring is highly porous and therefore will look like a dog’s dinner in no time at all. The greatest bit of advice I can give is to thus seal your stone! It is also important to periodically reseal your stone flooring as the seal will wear off over time. To clean first give it a once-over with a vacuum cleaner to get the little gritty bits, then run a mop over it with a mild detergent.

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