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The Dolls Houses Museum is located in the heart of the city of Malaga, in a Baroque building of the eighteenth century, recently restored. It displays the private collection of Ms. Vorio Harass, the fruit of many years of passion for miniatures and countless hours dedicated to the restoration of these little gems of the past. The collection has about fifty models, unique in the world because in many cases of traditional Spanish houses of the nineteenth century, exceptional representations of daily life and customs of the past, now largely lost.

Dolls Houses

The various rooms and courtyards of this historic house, typically Andalusian, is an excellent space in which to host this magnificent collection. The ground floor, for the reception, offices and restoration shop, is the starting point of a journey in which you can find everything from a beautiful and sensitive reproduction of a 1896 mansion.

The original house in which inspired this model is located at Paseo de Sancha of Malaga capital, home to a collection of the Andalusian provinces of Granada, Cordoba, and Jaen. Also on display in the museum of traditional houses Valencia, Asturias and Palma de Mallorca, as well as exquisite examples of a dolls house in other European countries, especially England and France.

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The value of the pieces

Among the many houses in miniature can be seen in the museum, some that the quality of the materials that are made by the skill displayed by their architects are true masterpieces. It is, in many cases, work done under contract for the noble families of the era, in what even the furniture was intended to mimic the real world in which they lived. Real gems from the past worth preserving.

The origin of miniature houses

The first dollhouse from which it is reported XVl century. It was commissioned by the Duke of Bavaria for his daughter in 1558. Such was the beauty of this piece that the duke joined his art collection. We know the names of the craftsmen of the court who participated in the project, including the description of their stay, but unfortunately, the house was totally destroyed in a fire.

Dolls houses and, in general, miniature objects, always attracted the attention of royalty and the aristocracy. The first Dutch dolls’ houses are documented in the seventeenth century. In the century XVlII increased liking for these reproductions, and there were great craftsmen, among them German and English teachers.

Doll house decorating games

Doll house decorating games soon became popular collector’s items. In fact, the most luxurious houses dolls were kept in the rooms of the palaces and noble houses, as a sign of artistic sensibility and wealth of their owners. But after the rise of museums from the Enlightenment began to emerge in the first museums of dolls’ houses in Holland and England, an example which was immediately followed by the rest of Europe and the United States