Top 5 Truly Creative Beds

Here Top 5 Truly Creative Bed will inspiring you

The coach bed: How many of us imagined ourselves as Cinderellas when we were kids? If you still like the fairy tales, we’re sure that you’ll also like the couch-shaped bed. A very successful creation, suitable not only for the little ladies but also for the grown-up ones, being a true jewelry made of wood carved in England and of glass. The price is accordingly, cca 65.000 dollars.

Creative bed -The rocking chair bedThe rocking chair bed: If the rocking chairs are truly relaxing, so is the Private Cloud bed, conceived in the same style. Realized by designer Manuel Kloker, this creative bed moves forward and backward, exactly as a rocking chair. Such a bed can be acquired for the sum of cca 7000 dollars.

Creative bed - The Scoop BedThe Scoop Bed: This truly creative bed, conceived by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia, is very practical since it can be used both as the sofa and as the bed. The two semicircular parts it is made up of can be separated resulting thus two new pieces of furniture.

Creative bed - The computer bedThe computer bed: The computer bed is actually an ordinary bed which can otherwise be converted in a table for your laptop. It’s very useful especially for those that don’t dispose of too much space (it can be also successfully used in a dormitory also, why not?). Unfortunately, the price of this creative bed doesn’t fit a student’s budget, being of cca 4000 dollars.

Creative bed - The bed from the ceilingThe bed from the ceiling: If we are talking about saving habitable space, find out that there is also a bed, named BedUp, which can be hidden during daytime in the ceiling! In the evening, you can take it down without disturbing the furniture underneath, for this bed stops at a certain distance (preset) from the floor.

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