Tricks Make Living Room Not So Dilemma

Current era of change, people prefer to receive guests or appointments with friends at a shopping center or office, rather than at home.
Living in the city with the condition rarely visited guest houses make the space into a space full dilemma. Want unfortunately omitted, but if it is maintained even wasting any space.
However, if already have a living room and it’s not good if no room in the house, the solution could be to merge the activities of two rooms into one. Namely, combining the functions of a living room with family room. This way, when the house is not the arrival of guests, you can enable the living room as a family room. All family members can be assembled in it, as he joked, sitting together, or watching television. Conversely, when guests arrive, be it a friend or colleague, they are still comfortable in your living room.

Living Room Ideas
Courage combines the two functions of this space will make the living room was not rigid, but still give priority to comfort. For example, with a selection of sofas as seats, choose an L-shaped or able to sit for 2-3 people with a padded seat cushion. Complete with fur rugs are soft and comfortable cushion below if you want to sit on the floor.
Add the unique or different is also the chair next to the main left and right seat, for example type of bean bag which is currently becoming a trend. The shape and color of a diverse way bean bag can be an option if the chair or sofa that is too big will not fit in your living room is narrow.

Living Room Design Ideas
Place furniture such as cabinets in one large section, place the television, audiovisual equipment, accessories, books, collections in it. Arrange well in order to look neat and attractive.
Want more variety? Place the coffee table in the middle of the room as a place serving food and beverages. Coffee table can also be designed as a multifunctional storage with drawers underneath or a decoration in the middle.
However, in order to appear warm and comfortable room, choose a color that accentuates the feel of warmth, such as brick red, moss green, or yellow turmeric. Use of color is not merely applied to the wall, but also can be displayed through accessories or furniture in the living room.