Vintage Style Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Some people may like the look of vintage and older homes. Give all the rooms in your house with vintage decor. Vintage decor can give a unique characteristic that you may not find in many modern homes. The bathroom is the best place of the vintage decoration. There are many ideas of vintage bathroom decoration. If you have the know-how and the patience, you can restore some truly vintage items or choose from vintage-looking new items.

Creative Vintage Bathroom Vanities Ideas: Bathtub
Bathroom Vanities Ideas-BathtubChoose a vintage bath tub that reflects vintage style on your bathroom. Add the old-fashioned vintage feel on your bathroom by finding a large cast-iron bathtub with claw feet. If you know where to look, you can find real vintage bath tub, though you can find brand-new vintage-style bath tubs at any local hardware stores. Online sources and stores as well as antique stores and scour flea markets. With little effort and time, you will find a vintage bath tub in perfect working order and need only a little TLC to be attractive and interesting.

Creative Vintage Bathroom Vanities Ideas: Bathroom Sink
Bathroom Vanities Ideas-Bathroom SinkGive your sink a new coat of porcelain to restore your old sink. You can hire a professional or do it on your own. Make sure that your vintage sink can work perfectly by adding up-to-date plumbing. You may need a little help from a professional plumber to update your plumbing. Instead of the more modern sinks with full cabinets underneath, it is better for you to find pedestal sinks or sinks with legs. Give your bathroom a distinctly vintage ambiance by making a sink out of an old dresser. You should add the plumbing, after cutting a hole in the top for the bowl of your sink. For the creative look, you can put the drawer face on a hinge to give you more storage for toothpaste, washcloths, soaps, and shavers.

Creative Vintage Bathroom Vanities Ideas: Cupboards
Bathroom Vanities Ideas-CupboardsProvide a place to store toiletries, toilet paper, and towels out of sight. Consider refinishing an old vintage cupboard for your vintage bathroom style. Instead of a cabinet sink, the old vintage cupboard is especially necessary, when you install a pedestal sink. Choose a cupboard that will match the vintage décor and fit in your bathroom space. Make it more attractive by refinishing or painting it with your desired color.
Vintage Bathroom Vanities and CabinetsCreative Vintage Bathroom Vanities Ideas: Bathroom Hardware
For your tub and sink, you can add vintage-style hardware. Antique shops are the best place to find some vintage and old-fashioned hardware. Be sure that they do not have any rust on them when you purchase them and are in working order.

Creative Vintage Bathroom Vanities Ideas: Accessories
hanging vintage accessories around the bathroomAdd the vintage feel and look by hanging vintage accessories around the bathroom. Make the bathroom window curtains out of vintage-style colors and fabrics. It is better for you to consider the vintage color scheme of light blue, pale pink and light green on your bathroom. Choose the variation patterns in the wallpaper, the window curtain fabric, and the shower curtain fabric. Give your bathroom more vintage atmosphere by using stripes alongside floral prints as well as lace.